Getting Travel Insurance For Kids

Being an expat with four kids, I cannot express just how important it is to have travel insurance for kids, when you’re aboard. I’ve not had to use travel insurance personally. Thankfully, my kids have never had to either, however, imagine being stuck aboard with language barriers and medical expenses piling up. Would you be able to finance all the medical bills and go it alone without a kids travel insurance policy? I’m blessed to have a private insurance cover with a company through my husband’s work, however, only three kids out of my four are covered- the other one(two year old) has to go to the government clinics and thankfully again I am blessed there as it is free.

However, should we travel to another country it would be a whole different kettle of fish. Most travel companies offer travel insurance for kids and adults as add ons when booking your holiday. Always ask. When we went to Thailand it was an additional add on the first trip, and the second time we travelled and the hubby booked it- he forgot to ask about travel insurance! Yes, I know pretty silly for a family of 6 with 4 kids. However, you can also walk into clinics in Thailand and pay cash for treatment, so I guess if anything had happened that is what we would have done.

Sit Down And Think Carefully About What You Want And Need

Which travel insurance for kids you need depends on whether your kids are going to be with you, , your friends and family, or in fact school. As kids grow older it is not uncommon to be faced with school field trips abroad like Disneyland etc. You can get separate travel insurance policies for kids, if they are under the age of 18 and will be travelling alone. You will need to think carefully what type of travel insurance that they will need – and what types of activities they will be doing when away from home as well. If you’re going to be travelling as a family then you will be able to save a lot on travel insurance for kids by getting a family package from the insurance provider. A lot of the policies offer cover for both individual travellers, or group travellers.

The Trick To Kids Travel Insurance Is In The Small Print

You need to make sure that you read the policies and what they are prepared to cover very carefully. Never assume that you are covered for certain activities etc., and go ahead with the say so of a few conversations with the sales rep- or simply by being in a rush and being happy clicky over the web. Terms and conditions are very important as they can quite literally be a case of life or death. There are a lot of insurance policies where kids under the age of 18 get covered for free. However, your job as a parent is to read and check if that is the case.

Kids under 18 that travel with school parties are different to kids travelling with families – as are kids that are travelling alone as minors to visit friends or relatives.

What Travel Insurance For Kids Policies Are Available?

Thankfully it is not a complicated as you may think, the coverage for kids shouldn’t be any different to that of the coverage for adults. Just look for those that have medical treatment with the highest amount, and lost luggage for the highest amount as well . You will also need to check that the policies have personal belongings coverage included too for items like cameras and phones.

Check the regions where the travel insurance is covered. However, in most cases worldwide travel coverage is applicable!

Will Preexisting Medical Conditions Be Included In Your Travel Insurance?

Sometimes they are, but in some cases they are not included. You will need to make sure that you tell the insurance company about your individual circumstances. You will usually be able to pay a higher premium to be able to get any flare ups of preexisting conditions covered when you are aboard.

What About Dangerous Activities?

When young kids will be embarking in activities that are considered dangerous, thins like skiing, quad biking, and bungee jumping- you also need to read carefully to check that these will in deed be covered. Some providers will automatically include these activities in their polices, however, some will not. It is like car insurance, if you are going to crash your car ten times a year then your premiums will be higher. If you are going to embark in life or death travel thrill seeking activities, then you can pretty mush expect that you will pay more as well!

If the activities are not going to be included in the premium, it could be expensive for you by not including your child in the policy- or paying the extra cost to include them as of course you will be responsible for any medical costs as or when they occur!

If it is not, then you must pay an additional premium, because any injury incurred as a result of these types of activities will not be covered for treatment. This could become expensive for you, as your child is not going to be able to pay the bill themselves.

If you are not travelling with the person under 18, then check the terms of the policy to make sure they are covered if travelling alone.

Compare- But Remember- Cheap Is Not Always The Best

As I am forever telling my husband when he complains about the accumulating costs of family life. You get what you pay for. A cheap piece of steak, is not going to have the same effect as a premium sirloin! Pretty much the same that a fizzy drink, is not comparable to champagne.. You need to make sure that you shop carefully and compare travel insurance policies. The cheapest cover may seem very appealing, but then when you find yourself in the midst of a medical crisis overseas- you will be stuck!

Terms And Conditions Are Important

If you do not read the terms and conditions, you can expect to be in for a dirty surprise. No matter what kids travel insurance company you do choose to go with, then you need to know what you are in store for- before you pay for it! Insurance is only valuable when you can make a claim with it. So getting yourself a 10 quid travel insurance policy, to find out that you cannot use it for

your type of holiday, it is useless. The cheap deal, will not be so cheap when you have had to dip into your pocket for all of the costs of treating yourself overseas in an emergency scenario. So, there you go. Make sure that you read the small print.

Do you know of a super cheap package for insurance when travelling? Why not comment and share below?



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