Family Friendly Hotels For Families With Lots Of Kids

Once you have kids, travelling becomes a whole ,lot more difficult. First of all you need to make sure that you have extra supplies to carry around. You know, the pampers, the baby wipes, the milk, food, snacks for the way etc etc. Toys, favourite blankets and of course changes of clothes in case your little one has an accident along the way! Then, when you have got all of this with you of course you need to make sure that you have your accommodation sorted.

Accommodation is a touchy issue with kids because most of the time we book our hotels online on sites like or trivago. Many of us have never been there and only go off the say so of the reviews that others have written. Well, for me that is cods wallop because I have read some top notch reviews, and then arrived to places that were like horror stories! You do not want to have to go through those kinds of problems when you are taking along kids with you. As a mother of four all aged under 14 I have to make sure that the holiday accommodation that we book is really good and has everything that we need.

I noticed that the more kids you have, the harder it is to travel on a budget, purely because the tickets etc. are expensive anyway. Even when you do grab a bargain, you have to times it by 6. Also, of course most hotel rooms are not on offer for 6 people to share a room! My holiday accommodation issues have had me in some weird situations over the years as the brood has grown. However, there are family friendly hotels, that offer large rooms and can cater for kids out there. I am going to review each of the hotels around the world that we have stayed in and do actually cater for kids and have space to move too!

One of the things that always creeps me out is having a hotel room and then having to have an interconnecting one, as it means that either me and the hubby split and share the kids between us sleeping in separate rooms, or we leave the kids in one room and we stay in another. For me that is not an issue as I am too scared to leave the kids in a room alone whilst we sleep separately. Particularly in a foreign country that we have little local knowledge about! So, keep an eye out on this page and I will be adding review links to the complete hotel reviews for families with kids! All of the hotels listed are hotels that we have stayed at with the kids and I give them the thumbs up for travel on a budget and of course family friendly accommodation, which is the most important thing when you have kiddos.


Novohotel Hua Hin Thailand

Smile Hotel Hua Hin Thailand

Pullman Bankgkok, Thailand

Novohotel Phuket, Thailand


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Shangri-La Oman, Muscat


Tulip Hotel Apartments But Dubai, UAE

Novohotel World Trade Centre Dubai, UAE

Ibis World Trade Centre Dubai UAE

Amouj Rotana The Walk, Dubai JBR

Ibis Dragonmart , Dubai, UAE