DIY Ikea Flisat Dolls House Review

So, we are moving house finally! I’ve just gotten back from a trip to Dubai to grab some curtains and other goodies for the new house. However, when I was there I couldn’t help but fall in love with some of the kids things in Ikea Festival City, Dubai. God how wrong I was to think that these little gadgets that looked so adorable would be so bloody easy to fit together. So, after a 6 hour drive from Oman to Dubai, a stopover at the Dragonmart Ibis hotel (which I’m going to write a review about shortly) And endless satnav fails around the ever so complicated roads of Dubai, the hubby and I managed to get to Ikea, Festival City Dubai!

I love Ikea in Festival City Dubai, as it reminds me of the UK. So, inside we were supposed to get a few bits and bobs and well as I made my way to the kids section I saw this ever so cute dolls house, and some weird bits of funky dolls furniture that had me thinking how cool it would be if some bright guy just sold all the items that you need for your house in a huge box, instead of having to faggot around picking individual items out- as it takes ages! Anyhow, this DIY dolls house has almost had me in tears. Despite looking good, it is a bugger to fix together. I have literally spent the best part of the day trying to figure it out, and still have not been able to. I have a half house, no roof and screws and wooden bits lying around. The dolls furniture is lovely though. Again, do note- I have spent the best part of the day convincing Aya( my 2 year old) that Mummy will get Daddy to put the house together. I hate to admit that there is something that I am not capable of doing because I really hate to make the hobby’s head bigger!! Anyhow, I have surrender as I really cannot do this task.


So, the Ikea dolls house is called Flisat and it has a product code of –

It is 129 DHS and is coloured in white and pale pine looking wood, which I suspect is not actual pine, but more some type of MDF. I’m not sure TBH but for the price you cannot go wrong. It looks stunning in the store. Note- IN the store because right now I have almost thrown the thing at the wall out of sheer desperation of unsuccessfully being able to assemble it!

So here is the house….

And then there were two boxes of dolls furniture that you have to purchase separately. They are called Huset- And despite being different, each box is called the same thing but has different product codes. The codes are Huset 502.355. 10 and Huset 902.922.59 I think each one was 39 DHS so a great bargain. They furniture is actually pretty heavy duty, and made from plastic and I love the funky look of the chairs and bed etc.


Box 502.355.10 Ikea Huset has a white storage rack that’s funky.

A chair, a table, a sofa and, rug and a lovely cute heart with wings! There is something else……. pictured on the box but if I am honest I cannot remember what it is- nor can I figure out what it was…


The second box had a chair a table, a bed, a wardrobe, a bed sheet, a pillow what I think is blanket, and then another rug- and a dinosaur coloured in green. There is actually no doll for the doll’s house but there is a cute danseur so I guess it is supposed to be a dinosaur house, not a dolls one! However, despite being frustrated at putting the dolls house together, we have enjoyed playing with the furniture all afternoon. I also know when it has been completed and the furniture is in they will look adorable. More pictures will follow once the hubby puts the finishing touches to the job I was unable to finish!

So I give this a great review for creativity and colours etc, for allowing kids to be creative and have a memorable childhood in terms of toys that create memories. But, I suggest that Ikea consider making these things readymade so we do not have to waste all the time figuring out how to put the house thing together. Also, a cool idea they did was to add pics of other items on the box like windows, clocks and lamps etc. If you had patience then you can cut them out and colour them in, probably sticking them into the house walls etc. However, I did say if because I cut them out and well have not got glue and have NO patience to do so! Aya has already take great joy in throwing the paper pics around and well, I am not keen on the idea of having them sticking around for much longer as they will just get damaged. It was super cute though.

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So if you are looking to buy a cute dolls house on a budget and are a dab hand at putting together DIY things- or have a hubby that has a carpentry hobby- this is for your little one.