Note- This may sound like a negative review, and I guess in some ways it is. However, there are upsides to anything. I have a love hate  relationship with the site as I started out there years ago……

When I first started out freelancing, the very first site that I found was The site was a great starting point for my freelance career. First of all it had a lot of advantages that other sites simply did not have. Those days there were hardly any content writers on the site that could claim to be of native origin. Sure, there were a lot of writers offering their services onsite, however, just not UK writers. That was a great selling point for me when I was starting out.

Another of the great things about the site was that once you were awarded a project you were emailed by the client and the project communication was great. Back in the day when I was not able to get PayPal withdrawals to Oman and it was very hard to use a UK PayPal and then transfer the funds to myself out here- I figured out that Getafreelancer allowed you to get paid via Moneybookers (now, that is of course called Skrill)

This was amazing because it meant that I would not only be able to get paid via their escrow system. Unlike other freelance sites at the time I could get withdrawals too. Those money withdrawals were direct to my Skrill and of course to my bank account.

The fees were not high to do so either. Project fees on GetaFreelancer were reasonable. The amount of bids and membership categories that you could choose from were great too. I made a lot of great connections via the site in the early days. Connections that have formed long lasting strong business relationships.

Now Get A Freelancer Has Changed- It Is

Now though things have changed! Getafreelancer is no more. It is in fact and is no longer owned by the Swedish company that started it up- the site is now owned by Matt Damon and along the way he has purchased other freelancing platforms like EU freelancer and Scriptlance. Now it seems to be all about cashing it in for the site, as opposed to cashing it in for the freelancer.

Sure, you can make money there- but you need to know the site inside and out before you work and get burned. You cannot contact employers offsite, and well I have had experiences where the employers are ALWAYS favoured. Yes ALWAYS despite there being an escrow system in place that is supposedly there to protect the freelancers. I think what Matt Damon has failed to realise is that the people that work on the projects, and bid on them are actually human and do deserve to be paid for their time and effort, EVEN if an employer files a dispute- work done- hours spent and well that is paid work- pennies to your bank account.

Would anyone on the site agree to work there for free? NO! Would Matt Damn the founder work for free? NO! So why are we expected to as hard working stay at home freelancing mums. When some dip shit that has probably never even taken time out to engage with the outside world and conduct business face to face. I have ran into some complete pricks as I have worked there over the years, particularly after the site changed hands!

Why Can You Get Burned On

What DON’T Want You To Know!

You can get burned by not knowing your shit when you choose to use their system. First of all the very moment that you link your card or PayPal account you are screwed if you have available funding! The site actually charge you monthly so they will take that out of your PayPal or credit card the moment it hits the end of the monthly billing cycle. Secondly, if you are bidding on projects and have won them- IF you accept the project BEFORE the employer funds it in escrow you will be billed an amount of the project fee. This is like a security blanket to ensure that you will commit to the project as agreed. However, as a freelancer you are supposed to MAKE cash, not lose it.

The bad thing here is that the employer can actually award you the project, and then never fund the cash to the account for your security! I do not see why the team at Freelancer think that it is appropriate for workers to get charged to accept projects that have not yet been funded. Again, that is a money making tactic that has been forcefully put into place at

How can you avoid this charge? Make sure you NEVER accept a project until the employer has funded this. That is what do not want you to know as they will lose cash if you do.


Yup, this sounds terrible, but it is again true. has some idiots that employ you. You can be employed and start a project that has been funded- then the employer can vanish mid project, you can hand the work in- and he or she can fuck off, with no one to release your funds as the project has not been APPROVED by the employer on Freelancer. In this case you will have to take it to Arbitration. Then you will get charged a fee for doing this! Money lost for you. Time wasted, stress levels pumped and well IT IS NOT NECESSARY!

IMMATURE EMPLOYEES Seems To Be A Narcissist Men’s World!

Perhaps Donald Trump owns a share in the site!?

Now I am by no means a man hater- but in this case I have experienced that a percentage of employers on freelancer are young men between I would say 18-25 that employ you and literally order you around like you are not human!
They seem to lack the maturity required to see a project to the end. Now, not every man is like this and please do not take offence to the sexist remark I have made. I guess there could be immature women too- but I have not met any there to date! A recent example of this would be a guy hired me to work on his blog. I clearly agreed to write and post 20 blog posts for him ( I think it was 20 as this was so long ago now) Anyhow, I agreed, started the work as I am always really enthusiastic about doing so, as it means extra cash and more fun for the kids!

I worked my ass off writing, and then posting, and encountered an issue……. He changed the project agreement and put his designer in touch with me, who was in charge of the project and located overseas. This designer seemed to want to order me around and tell me what I should do and ignore the fact that I was not employed by him. I contacted the employer on the site and made this clear, that I had been hired by him not the designer, he got all uppity. He was a very busy and he was a big shot business man, and I was just a little fish getting bitten by the big shark!

Well hunny, I have four kids a house to run and I took your bloody project on to earn cash, not fucking lose it! Anyhow I agreed to the project. 20 articles turned into 40, he immaturely opened the dispute before I had chance to do so, he ranted and raved and guess what? He won it! I lost ALL my cash- he agreed to pay me shite all and he got refunded. I had taken 2 days writing and posting shite to his site FREE OF CHARGE.

Also, I lost all the time talking to his designer- and him and the arguing time. I lost the fee that I paid to accept the project, and I probably knocked off 2 days form my life with stress and the thought that some ass hole would get work for free. He had taken liberties and my valuable time was wasted on him, instead of caring for my kids and enjoying with them………. I could go on with other examples that have not gone in my favour but I won’t! My blood pressure is already going up as I recall this stressful incident.


Also, another big shitty thing is that the employer could leave bad feedback for you if the arbitration goes in your favour. When it does not go in your favour it generates a feedback score of 0 and that the project was disputed according to the freelancer system.

If you do encounter an employer that does pay you but decides to hate on you because the work was not what he or she wanted, then this can have a very negative impact on your profile and you will lose work as a result. The feedback will appear on your profile and all of the new jobs you have bid on, the employers will read it, and not want to hire you. This can make getting work near on impossible and it is so frustrating!

You cannot initiate chat anymore.. nope sorry you cannot chat to the employers unless they begin a chat with you.

Tips Not To Get Burned On

• Never take work from people that have no reviews. Also, from people that have reviews that have feedback from freelancers that have complained.
• Never accept projects from people until they have escrowed the funds in advance.
• Talk to the employers in the chat section first when they initiate chat and get a feel for how well-mannered they are. If they are giving out orders before you have been awarded the project, then steer clear!
• Make sure to disconnect your PayPal account or bank card when you have paid the cash for the membership- or your accepted projects will be taken out of your cash not the sites minus facility.
• BEWARE- If you take a free upgrade, the site will take this out of your balance the month that you have to pay, despite not having funds so you will have to work for free until you clear this negative balance. Huge downside! I got burned by being offered a free upgrade and then guess what? Forgot to downgrade again and now I am in the red on freelancer.
• Always bid higher than your rates as you will get charged to take the project, and the site will take a commission on the project.
• Before you take projects that you feel are higher paying- consider upgrading to a higher membership plan as you will get less commission taken from you.
• Make sure your account is verified and that you can withdraw. Another bad thing I have had is that when I registered for the account I was in the UK. I then travelled to Oman , and back and forth over the years. I like to keep my UK flag as I am from the UK originally, and once they latched onto this, they stopped me from being able to withdraw until I could verify with my UK number I registered with. When I couldn’t my account was on hold. I could not withdraw, work, earn or do anything on there! Annoying.


Yup- it is probably easier to be clearly by FBI interrogation than it is staff. If you are asked to verify yourself again for whatever reason, you need phones, passport pics, id card copies, bill statements- you name it. It seems annoying that they would do this to people that have been there for so long. I mean a passport is a passport. I seem to recall having to hold my passport with the number clear and my face AND A code that I had to write from their verification code sent on the site. I had to write this on paper and then hold it like some convicted criminal in a weird way so that it was not back to front for the pic? Yes I tell no lie! They are happy to take your cash, but to pay you well that is a big mess. Check them out lol.

A screenshot of the membership fees over at

What Membership Plans Are In Place Over At

First of all when you enter the platform and register you can select your skills. You can also browse the projects. There are in fact 5 different memberships per month on offer. All of which have their own benefits and downsides.

The First is the Intro membership that is $0.99
For that you are billed $11.88 per annum.

You get;

15 bids each month
You can add up to 30 skills to your profile
You will be able to have unlimited project bookmarks
A custom cover on your profile and you can unlock rewards(note the rewards are pretty crappy and will never amount to cash!)
The next option is there is a basic membership plan
This will set you back $4.45 per month. You will get fifty bids each month.
Again you can “unlock rewards”
There are unlimited project bookmarks, you can have a custom photo as the site like to say “bookmark” a photo cover that is customized, and you can follow five of your employers.

Next there is a Plus member membership. With this it costs you $9.95 monthly and you will get;

One hundred bids each month- you can add up to 80 skills, withdraw your cash each day. You can unlock rewards, get unlimited bookmarks for projects that you are browsing. You will be able to be eligible for the preferred freelancer scheme- basically something that the site offers if you excel in certain areas. You can have a custom photo follow up to ten employers- invoice 5 times off site- and have free of charge project extensions. Also, you can bid on higher earning projects.

Professional Membership

The Next member ship is a professional one- this will cost you $29.95 monthly and at the moment they are offering one month’s free to try it out. This will offer you the chance to bid on up to 300 projects a month. You can add up to 100 skills on your profile. Withdraw cash daily, you can unlock your rewards, have unlimited bookmarks on your projects, be eligible for the preferred freelancer feature, have a custom photograph, follow up to 20 employers, get fifteen invoices offsite, have project extensions free, be able to place bids on free sealed projects and have high value project bids.

Premier Membership

Last, but not least is the premier membership plan. This has a lot of features but it is really only suited to those that will heavily use the site- usually business owners that employer more than one member of staff.

This includes:
Up to one thousand five hundred bids each month.
You can add up to 400 skills, withdraw cash each day, unlock the rewards (a useless feature)
You are eligible for the unl

imited project rewards feature- you can add a custom photo cover, follow as many employers as you want, you can send as many external invoices as you wish. There are free project extensions, you can have free none disclosure agreement projects, free sealed projects and you will also be able to have high value project bids.
So if you do decide to sign up- make sure to take note of the tips I have listed.

Have any of you had experience with Please share them below in the comment section. If this will help anyone you know feel free to share it with them

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