Easy Chilli Chips and Cheese Recipe

So, you want to make chilli right? Back in the day everyone wanted chilli with rice or jacket potatoes, but now times have changed. We have the introduction of fast food chains and well. Everyone who is anyone loves to eat chilli with chips and cheese sprinkled on top. It is kind of like the new age fad- chips with chilli. In our house we love chilli and chips with sprinkled cheese. Another good add on is Jalapenos once the cheese has been sprinkled, but of course that is some hot stuff- so it is optional for those that can stomach chilli! Like real chilli.

So, as you will have read on my blog I am a bit of an all-rounder, I cook, clean, work from home, have four kids whom I proudly parent and aside from being a bit of a nutter I am pretty sure that I have some good tips and ideas that can help you in the kitchen and house. So, I am going to share with you my very own chili recipe! It is so easy that you will learn how to memorise it and of course cook it yourself for your family. One rule I have in the kitchen is NO SCALES- NO WEIGHING!! Yes, you read it and those of you that are reliant on scales are cringing at the idea of no portion sizes, no calorie counting. However, I hate things that delay me more- I like to make life a bit easier you know-so here it is my home recipe for making chilli that will have your kids licking the plate. No scales, if the ingredients I use are not available in your country- then IMPROVISE. Change is good, do not get worked up that you can’t have the same brand. It all goes in one hole and out the other lol.

 So get ready for it- Easy Chilli Con Carne And Cheese Recipe


  • One pack of minced meat- I prefer beef, usually in our house we get half kg packs- however like I said the size is not really important. You need to be able to make what fits in with your individual needs.
  • 2 chilli’s chopped (green chilli is what I use) again, improvise- no chilli use powder!
  • 2 table spoons of ground garlic or one clove of garlic chopped- or if you hate garlic- no need..
  • 2 packets of tomatoes puree- I use Al-Muddish but obviously you are not going to get this in Europe or the US- so you can use the store tomato puree tubes- or substitute with a tin of plum tomatoes, if need be.
  • 1 table spoon of salt
  • 1 table spoon of black ground pepper
  • 1 can of kidney beans (make sure that you drain the watery stuff first) I believe that is called brine- do correct me though!
  • Pack of mushrooms chopped (optional) I did not use them this time in the batch I pictured. I usually have a lot of them in the fridge and need a way to use them up.. chilli is the best way to make sure you do not waste mushrooms.
  • Oil for the pan – I use vegetable oil
  • 2 large onions skinned and chopped – any type will do
  • 1 green pepper
  • 1 tomato chopped
  • About 2 cups of water

Toppings And Base

  • Cheese for the topping (grated come on guys make sure you take tie to grate it!
  • Jar of jalapenos to add on top of the chilli when you have put the cheese on. Again optional- not everyone is going to like this ingredient. My kids like spicy shit though!
  • McCain’s crinkle chips- I love McCain’s chips they rock- we use the curly ones the crinkle ones, and the seasoned ones. Which chips you use though is up to you- if you hate McCain’s, you can use the frozen chips you have in your freezer- or if you want to be extravert , you can always make fresh chips with potatoes.

Next step- put the chips in the oven- I am a huge fan of oven baking as frying is to fatty! I did not put an amount, as you can decide how many are enough for your brood.

Then, grab the onions, the tomatoes and the……. wait heck lets make this easy.

Shove a little bit of oil into a pan- put the flame on the cooker and, mind this has to be a fair sized pan- Shove all the upper part of the ingredients into the pan making sure that all the veg has been chopped of course. sprinkle in the spice, make sure the meat is not in huge pieces, grab the kettle and pour about 2 cups of water into the mix. Then wait as it all boils and stir the mix, keeping a close eye on it. When the meat is cooked, the water is not runny and the veg is not hard it is ready! Everyone’s cooker is different so there is no point in saying how long to cook this mix for. Turn the pan off.

Take the chips out of the oven (if they are ready first then of course that is cool too)

Grab plates distribute the chips adding the chilli con-carne on top- get to your cheese grater and grate the cheese on top. If you are going to have jalapenos on, add them too. Serve, eat, enjoy!

There you have it easy chilli con-carne with chips and cheese.

Not sure if it is even called chilli con-carne nowadays or why even. But I do know it tastes awesome.

Also, you have to try this! This time around I couldn’t be assed getting in the car and dragging four kids to the shop just for jalapenos, so I found a bottle of Nandos  peri peri hot sauce I had already and put some of that on mine.. it was so good!

Also, just in case you are wondering why all the plastic plates? In my house plates

always smash, cups never last so well I decided to put away the pottery and invest in plastic! Yup.. we all eat like kiddos plastic plates and all.

Please leave your comments below. Did any of you actually cook my easy chilli chips and cheese? It is always lovely to hear feedback and actually hear something. I sometimes wonder if I am talking to myself whilst typing this shit up! Thanks for the visit:)


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