Hot Valentines Gifts For Your Wife This Year

So, it is that time of year again when Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Men are not always the best at choosing gifts for their loved ones, so I am writing this guide in the hope that at least one guy can read it and buy his wife a gift that she will actually want. Guys need to know that women get so pissed off when they are gifted something that is either, not what they wanted- or of course cheap and makes them feel devalued! For heaven’s sakes this is more so the case when it comes to stay at home mums. Men need to appreciate the fact that their lovely lady has given up putting herself first to put her family first and is willing to pull out all the stoppers to please everyone (usually everyone- but herself) Well come on guys you need to show some respect to that lovely lady in your life.

So, here is the list of things that if my hubby was to gift to me I would be one happy stay at home mum chick! Do remember that the gifts here are mixed and not all of them will fit price budgets so I have tried to choose one for everyone’s budget. Low to high. You should be able to make your wife smile.

Okay- Well first of all you need to set a budget- what is the beloved lady in your life worth? Things are tough, financially, Christmas has just wrapped up, kids have had a growth spurt and you have been strapped for cash after the January sales. I get it but a little bit of cash to splash on your wife- well is there really a price tag? Most men really are clueless as to how to make a woman happy when it comes to gifts. This is where I will help you out;)

Top Buys For Your Wife This Valentine’s Day


Jewellery- Yes, I would love a pair of earrings from my man- if your wife doesn’t have pierced ears then you can always get her a bracelet or necklace. You do not have to get something that is gold, although the higher the price tag, the more she will feel appreciated! Your wife is your investment- look at it that way, a happy wife equals happy life. A personal fave of mine is emeralds, although I know that won’t permit so I would settle for a pair of sterling silver hoops! Haha. I hope the hubby actually reads this post when I am done, so I get something I actually want and need;)

Why Jewellery?

Jewellery is sentimental, be it a small pair of studs, a large pair of hoops, a necklace and earrings set- a ring – a bracelet- necklace. Whatever it is gold or silver, it is showing that you have taken time to choose this gift. It demonstrates that you love your wife and that you value her. Jewellery is also of course something that will last forever and she will be able to treasure it for life. Women love things that remind them of their husbands and how they have actually taken time to offer a token of appreciation. Hell knows I have had times my hubby has forgotten Valentines! It is always so cute when a guy gives you a present to acknowledge their love for you.


Chocolates- Well there is nothing better than having ran around the home all day preparing everyone else’s shit for them, and then getting a gift of chocolate. Mind you not just any chocolates though, Ferrerro Roche, Thornton’s chocolates or if your man can go a little bit out there and get you some top notch chocs the pricier the better if you ask me Chocolates are like comfort food, one leads to another, to another – and when the chocolates are finished your wife will feel a whole lot better! Make sure to have them gift wrapped though. I know men are usually so lazy so if you have got chocolates you will love the fact that most stores will actually gift-wrap, or sell pre- gift-wrapped ones. That is why I suggested Thornton’s- and high end shops like Godiva and other high end ones as it will quite literally be under wraps then!

Why Chocolates?

You may not know what other gifts listed here she wants or will like. You can be sure that she will eat them, and chocolate can make you both very happy. Sharing is caring and you will be able to share them with you wife too! Put a smile on each other’s face, and hell- share them with the kids too- spread the love.

A New Washing Machine TOP LOADING

Okay, this may seem a little bit fucked up, suggesting that you buy a new washing machine for your wife on Valentine’s day. It is also delicate ground to tread on, and you will have to have complete understanding with your spouse before you rush off out and get in the bad books of your beloved. It could come across as dear wife, I am gifting you this so you can clean my shit more and more! SO…….make it heard WHY you chose this.

If I’m brutally honest this is directed at my hubby. I have a washing machine that is so in need of replacement, it is beyond belief! In fact, as I sit here typing this article up I can hear noises that sound like even a full can of WD40 will not be enough to stop them. My washer is rusted and crusted and completely past the expiration date if ever washing machines had one. I would say that it expired well over 2 years ago when the door seal broke and it leaks out water LIKE EVERYWASH(and STILL has not been replaced). I have had to get down on my hands and knees and open the door with knife when it randomly jams I have watched YouTube vids about how to fix the washing machine.I’ve had string and wires to pull the fucked up door open.  I have even had days out with a screwdriver at the top of the house desperately trying to fix the bugger so I can get just another load down in time for the kids parties- or school trips, or whatever. Believe me in summer that is not fun with the weather being so hot it feels like you are in an oven at times.

Every Mum Needs A Good Washing Machine!

You know because every mum needs a washer. We get vomit on us, bogies from kids – snot, kids pee the bed- drinks get spilled and food is always staining clothing. Well what are kids for hey? You cannot expect them to sit looking pretty all day and not adventure the great outdoors. So this washing machine thing as odd as it sounds well your wife will love it if your washer has been on the blink. Leaking washing machines, jamming doors, noises that sound like it will take off, staining still on clothes when they have been washed. Not what your wife needs with a house to run. Do not make the mistake of a front loading one though- get a top loader? Why? Top loading washing machines mean that your beloved wife does not have to bend down and get the clothes in and out, hurting her back. Yes hubby- did you read this, read all of it! IT’S TIME FOR A NEW WASHING MACHINE!

Because I know you will think what a drama queen- well here is a vid of what I put up with on a daily basis with my ever so crappy old washing machine. It just submitted to the strains of daily wash loads and it probably was not up for the job role of family of 6 washing machine. See. I am not a drama queen!

Vouchers For Shopping

Some guys just do not have a clue and even when reading articles like this offer some guidance in the right direction, often it can be easier to get vouchers to give to your wife. They are easy, they mean that your spouse can actually get something that she wants and needs, and of course most women love the opportunity to get off out and shop. Offer to mind the kids for her as she goes out and spends them on a new outfit to feel like a yummy mummy for a few hours! A new outfit of choice is what every woman will love if your budget permits. Grab your card, swipe it and gift your wife some vouchers for stores she loves.

What Your Wife Does Not Want This Valentines

Flowers- Well she may love them but to me flowers are like, oh shit- I forgot Valentines day, a few guys were talking about it in the office and well on the drive home I popped in and got some crappy flowers that were on the stand. Flowers die, they wilt, they need a vase as well and most men forget to gift a vase along with flowers. Women that have kids do not want flowers to attend to, they have sachets of poison to keep them fresh, they need attention and well, when they die you have to get rid of them and wash the vase out too! So, unless your wife is a flower type of chick DO not get flowers this valentines.

1) She  will worry that the kids will eat the poison that came with them to keep them fresh- so she has to get up and put it in the bin.

2) She will not like to have to watch them and

be reminded of the fact that she did not get that much desired other gift that she has secretly been pining over and… wait for it…

3) You’re going to show just how lazy you are. This is the chick that runs the house and minds the kids- come on pull out all the stops you can.

Oh- and I almost forgot.. Do NOT FORGET THE CARD

It demonstrates that you actually care enough to write down a message. Women need to know you still care! Good luck. Let me know how it went and please feel free to comment below and leave your thoughts and opinions. I love to hear your feedback.


  1. Charlene says:

    Great post. Poor you for having to put up with that! On our house the hubby does all the washing.
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      Hey Charlene, Lucky you! Thanks for stopping by:)

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