The Insane things Our Kids Watch Online and On TV

So, I was just wondering if it was just my kids, or everyone’s kids that are watching weird things on You Tube. As the internet is freely accessible and our children are becoming more and more savvy with iPods, iPads, laptops and mobile phones it is getting kind of creepy! I mean, sure you can monitor your kids most of the time, but how many times are they out- at school and just supposed to be studying in their room when they are in fact watching absurd You Tube videos on the net?

My kids have been getting very happy clicky on You Tube recently and have become addicts to some of the below videos that are a little strange. It led me to wondering just how much of the films that they watch on the net- or TV for that matter contributes to their behaviour in the home. I mean, kids play out what they see right? We can influence them a lot by our own behaviours in the home- but sometimes there are things from outside that can contribute to their behaviour.

Tom and Jerry

First of all, I recall an episode of Tom and Jerry back when my elder two were little, and quite frankly their fighting has me thinking of this cartoon a lot. They are like cat and mouse chasing each other around at times. Well, when my son was about 5 and my daughter was 6 I recall a time when I was putting Bukhour inside the home to make it “smell nice” for those of you that are not familiar with bukhour, it is Middle Eastern air freshener, that is used to make the home smell of perfume. A great way of ridding bacteria and foul smells from stinky shoes. To make this you have to heat up charcoal and then put the incense on the top inside a little pot.

You are supposed to use a metal tongue to carry the charcoal, but sometimes I am lazy with housework and on this occasion I used a fork. I carried the pot to the front of the house and left it where the kids usually cannot see it!- next to the show rack. Anyhow, their fighting and running around led my son to the pot of charcoal, with a fork in hand he managed to heat this up and then tried to brand my daughter with the fork on her arm. Yes, bad parenting from my side I know- but it also was related to a Tom and Jerry incident where Tom chased the mouse and the mouse retaliated by using a fork like object or something to burn him! That was definitely punishable.. Anyways, as the years go on, and my kids get older and there are another 2 little ones in the picture recently I have noticed that the elder two have been showing the younger two some things on their ipads to keep them quiet as they attempt to play in their rooms.

One of the weird things that has cropped up and quite weirdly has thousands of viewers on you tube is a show called Masha the baby. Each time the baby seems to be surrounded by real life super heroes and each time the show is on my younger 2 seem glued to the screen! This show has seen Masha’s doll being ran over with a car driven by the joker, Spiderman’s phone crushed by a car- and well a lot of other absurd items broken by the joker! Back when I was a kid the very sight of a clown or the joker would have had me hiding under the table in tears, but in this day and age it seems to draw them in time and time again. Are we as parents becoming sloppy? I think so. I have to admit yes, my own silliness has led them to watching this weird you tube video. But when you see the numbers- well it clearly is not just me that does so.

There is also a man that dresses as a baby- and two kids that follow in suit- the father seems to have a ball and quiet rightly so, as he gets to relive his childhood with his two daughters. Now, they are clearly having a blast and have a lot of subscribers and people that are following them too.. They dip carrots int

o a chocolate fountain, eat those orby things that kids like to put in foot soaks- and well it could be that I am just getting too old for this, or sadly, it really could be that kids are getting into weirder and weirder things that we all seem to turn a blind eye to as technology advances. I think a lot of what kids do watch on the TV or You Tube does influence them, as much as we don’t like to admit this.

My teenager is addicted to a show called MoVlogs, this Vlogging you tuber is very clean for kids and teens he doesn’t swear. And he goes about life in Dubai living large with all the cash from his you tube vids! Clearly a superstar in his own video you tubing rights as he has endless fans and sponsors. What does get me about the times is just how kids can get addicted to things that we never before would have dreamed of being TV shows- movies or the like back in the day. We are a world of kid spoilers! There is nothing wrong with you tubers making channels to make a living, but really if we were to wind the clocks back years ago I cannot help but wonder if this would be seen as super stardom, or if any of these shows would even be approved on kids channels like Cbeebies, ITV, or nickelodeon. Kids TV and Vlogging is getting extremely weird and quite frankly insane!

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