100% Free Online Courses For Stay At Home Mums!

Free Online Courses For Stay At Home Mums- Or Anyone For That Matter:)

Some of the people reading this will have experienced first-hand the trials and tribulations of finding out that you are about to become a mum. Sometimes it can creep on us unexpectedly, other times it is planned. However, if it does kind of spring itself onto you when you are in the midst of your career- there is no need to feel like the world is going to end. Particularly a bit disheartening if you are in the middle of university and have to quit to have your little bundle of joy! It is not the end of the world.

Being a mum does not mean that you are going to have to end your education! I have been scrolling the web to find some of the free online courses that mums can participate in, in order to be able to keep their brain juices pumping, and keep the brain ready in case after raising the kids to school age, you would like to head back to university. There are so many resources online that offer you the chance to learn for free. Read on to find some of the research that I have found. Even if you have no intention of going back to university, you can still learn a stealth of information from these free online courses.

All of the places listed are very well known online universities, all of them have a huge variety of free online courses that they offer up! Great right? Especially when education sets us back so much nowadays- and student debt loans are steadily creeping up and up as time ticks by.

What You Need To Know About The Free Online Course Offerings

Most of the classes listed in this article are offered as part of an Open Course Ware project. This in fact means that the information and course material can be looked at any time. The coursework is self-directed- and you will not get any academic credit for completing the course. I know, why take a course if you do not get accredited for it? Why? OMG! It offers you a stealth of information and keeps you busy and educated that is why!

IF YOU WANT TO BE ACREDDITED TRY STUDY.COM (But you do pay a small fee)

If you do however, want to take a course that you can get accredited for you may consider checking out flexible online courses at Study.com. They offer courses like math, science, foreign languages, humanities, social sciences, business and more. The classes include free text lessons. You do however, have to pay a nominal fee for this site- on order to watch the video material and take quizzes that will check out how you are progressing. It is a very afford able solution to the tuition that is tied alongside the classes that offer credit to the participant.

100% Free Online Courses That You Can Take From Home

I’m also going to list some of the other courses that are 100% FREE! But remember, you will not be accredited for taking them.

The University Of California- In Berkeley

This is one cool university, they offer you free video courses on the web, that go all the way back to 2005. There are old courses and current ones, that have been put into archives. You can view them as webcasts, or podcasts. There are so many course it is unbelievable. You will be able to view material for computer science, astronomy, engineering, science, law and philosophy. Although there is no homework material from this University. Nor do they offer up exams for the free online courses on offer. However, it is a great resource!

Tufts University Now they offer you the chance to get absolutely free OCW courses as long as you have the internet! A lot of the courses are on offer in sciences, like dentistry, medicine, and veterinary science. You will not get any credits for taking them, but you will get all the course work, the homework- lectures and assignments. You will also be able to get other available supplementary material. How cool is that?

Head on over to Carnegie Mellon University and you will be able too grab free course material, and take part in the free courseware program on offer. You can use the open learning initiative, and take self-paced courses that allow you to be able to self asses, have lessons and a lot more! The subjects on offer are chemistry, French, English, biology and statistics. I know, great right for something that is free!

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers over two thousand courses that are free. They vary, some are undergrad, some are graduate courses. There are literally stacks of courses in different topic areas like health sciences, media arts and management, engineering, economics, health and so many more! You will be able to get text, audio or video course material and there are even some courses that have been translated into other languages! How cool is that? You will be able to obtain lecture notes, exams, assignments, and so much more that can help you learn and you will be able to download the information too.

Yale University

They offer free courses, and who has not heard of them!? Get video lectures, that were made live in classes. You will get audio , transcription formats and online course videos. You can get suggested reads, exams and quizzes to participate in as well. All of which are 100% Free online university course material. There are instructors that have gone out of their way to offer you the chance to get material, and you can opt for courses in a range of topic areas. Organic chemistry, psychology, political science, English and much, much more. You will be able to see them onsite, or download them in a zip file.

University of California In Irvine

The University of California, Irvine Campus started to offer up 100% free online course material back in 2006. You can get free course, material and lecture series. There are so many topic areas that it is unreal! You can get into organic dentistry, capital markets, computer science and a whole lot more. There are videos, homework assignments, projects and also exams. The exams part is great as you can reall

y keep on your toes and see how far you have gone!

Utah State University

They also offer you the chance to get free online course material. The courses are not credited to you, but you can get things ranging from wildlife to anthropology. There will be lecture notes, reading assignments, and home work on offer. All of which you can download and check out onsite directly as well.

So, there you have it! Some excellent 100% free online university courses that you can take. Don’t say that nothing is free in life. Thankfully, some things really are!


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