Never Say These Things To Stay At Home Mums

Stay at home mums are so underestimated it is unreal. I never even had a clue about just how much these women do, until I had the experience of being a stay at home mother myself! I have to admit I was also one of the haters. In my younger days, I used to watch half asleep zombie chicks running into the school to collect the kids, looking like they had been dragged through the hedge backwards! Shouting and screaming, and forever seeming to be busy, and on the run. Life seemed so rushed and so awkward that I used to silently think why have kids? Time went on and I am now a mother myself. I have learnt first-hand just how damn hard working stay at home mums really are. I’m writing this article aimed at any one that underestimates the power of the stay at home mum. Roll on sisters!

You Look Tired!

God, that is the worst one that really gets me. You go to visit someone and they are like “hello hunny, I didn’t see you like in ages- and wait for it.. “you look so tired” Drained, whatever they say whilst trying to cover up the fact that they are really trying to say.. “You look like crap”. Not what a stay at home mother wants to be hearing. particularly after just doing the housework, folding the clothes, hanging the next load of washing out to dry in time for when she gets back to hang the other one out- and actually making an effort to get herself ready, and the kids on top of it. All just to get out for what limited time she does have to call her own! Steer clear of that remark, it is just so insulting.

You Lost Weight!

It can see like a compliment to many, but it actually seems insulting the more you think about it. So, what the hell did I look like in your eyes before I lost the weight you say I have? Come on, let’s be brutally honest here- how many stay at home mums actually have the time to step on the scale and acknowledge the fact that they are fat, or have lost weight and slimmed down? In-between popping out kids, running a house and trying to keep the ship afloat- who the hell cares if you are thin or fat. Also, naturally as your kids grow, you will shrink it comes with the territory. You need not enrol in a gym as a stay at home mum.

What Did You Do All Day?

Now this is the famous line from my hubby! He can literally walk in from work and ask me what I did all day. What the heck! How dare you ask me that, or any other stay at home mum for that matter. It is just like assuming that because we stay at home, we are lazy. Now my hubby also has the tendency to thro

w in the punch lines that the house is in a mess. There are a lot of stacks of washing piling up—or the best one, the house stinks of fried food. Well hunny, would you rather the kids are attended to, the food is on the table, or if you like- sit hungry and let me wash the clothes and break my back picking endless piles of crap that is not even mine in the first place up from the floor… it’s your call!!

And Well- I could go on. I think you get the jist of it though. My point is stay at home mums, have carefully chosen to dedicate their time and love to kids, in order to ensure that they can oversee and try their best to bring them up the best possible way. Also, like myself many stay at home mums work from the home too. So, remember next time you see a sister on the run, be nice! Mums need encouragement too sometimesJ


  1. Jaclyn Bree says:

    I’ve never had anyone ask me what I did all day (I’m sure Hubby would, but he’s home all day with me and sees that I never stop) but at the end of the day when I look around my territory, sometimes I feel like I got nothing done 🙁 such a downer.
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    1. mancmumbloggingforfun says:

      Hi Jaclyn, thanks for stopping by. I feel you! Some days I literally clean all day and then it gets back to where it was when started! Xx

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