About Me

As the domain states- I’m a manc mum, blogging for fun. The unique thing is that I almost called my blog mad mum, and changed my mind. By manc- I mean I’m originally from Manchester, but no longer there. Although my heart has never been away! It kind of makes sense doesn’t it? A lot of things I do are a little back to front and the life I live is very hectic and rewarding all at the same time. I have just gotten to an age where I am ready to roll and don’t really give a crap about what others think anymore.

At the moment I’m based in Muscat, Oman- and have 4 beautiful kids and a hubby( although don’t tell him that as I don’t wanna make his head pop;) !!)  I’ve worked online for over a decade, since I moved out here over 10 years ago! It seems like forever, and I feel like I’m almost a granny not a mummy any more- but I am still in my early 30’s and have a mind of a teen- with a daughter that is also a teen! It could be a recipe for disaster- and some of the time it is, but that’s the path that life takes us on.

Working online for years and the life experiences that I have had, are very unique. I decided to start out my own blog as opposed to writing for other people’s blogs, which I have spent what seems like a lifetime doing from home, as I worked as a freelancer writer- amongst, other things. I hope you enjoy my random blog about all things online, mummy and life. Also, if you would like me to advertise for you, review for you – or have any freelance writing gigs that I can take on- this savvy blogging mummy is always on the look out to make more. Beware though, I will be blatantly honest so if your product is not something I like.. I will blog about that! Thanks for visiting- and hope you join in with my adventures.